Monday, February 28, 2011

Gay Cruising Etiquette And Rules

Since there were only 20: ABC loses interest in "No Ordinary Family"

If a station is reduced during the broadcast, the number of episodes, which were to come through the first season of a new series originally, this is a sure sign that there is another Season not give wird.So recently the NBC production of The Cape left after 10 of the 13 episodes scheduled stop, which amounted to the dismissal, even if not officially pronounced.

Now it has also No Ordinary Family caught ABC. How Quotenmeter reported, only 20 of the originally intended 22 episodes filmed, the dismissal by the back door should already be a done deal. Blame for the mess are once again the odds. Last seen just about four million people the adventure of the Powell family, whose members gain after a plane crash paranormal abilities. For the advertisers, viewers came to a rate of 1.4 percent. . Definitely insufficient for a major network like ABC

any case, the station on Tuesday evening, big problems: The invasion series V running after No Ordinary Family struggling since last year survival (see Report ). The weak lead-in is not be a big help. Quite possible that at ABC soon several slots are awarded on Tuesday evening new


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